Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great news everyone!

The IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to get me to Washington D.C. for the Veterans for Ron Paul march has been an ENORMOUS success.

I was helping a friend move all day yesterday so I didn't get a chance to check the fundraising page until lunch time. All I was really hoping for was that someone - ANYONE - had donated to my campaign. I about did a literal spit take when I saw that you guys had already donated $435! By the time I got done helping my friend move in late afternoon, we'd already broken my $800 goal, something I'd been extremely worried we wouldn't even be able to hit in a week! And now, only about 36 hours after I started the campaign, you've raised $1,010 for me! Absolutely AWESOME!

This is really good news because knowing how successful the campaign has been I'll be able to pick up my airfare today before it gets any more expensive and I won't have to wait until next week hoping the campaign will be successful so I can actually afford them!

But that's not the only thing on the great news front! My good friend Paul Henderson's College Libertarians group at Pepperdine University met last night to plan out their expenses for their trip to the Students for Liberty Conference February 17-19 (an event I'm also attending). Still waiting on all the exact details but it looks like I'll be able to room with them the first few days I'm in D.C. and instead of spending the $50 or so a night to split a room that I was hoping to spend, I may only have to spend about $20! So it's looking like there's a very real possibility that I'll have a few bucks left over from this campaign to put towards my next action-packed short film about the ethics of private, voluntaristic defense.

Before I go, I just want to give a quick shout out to all the people who have helped me get to where I am so far! I'll be posting a more detailed blog dedicated to thanking you guys after the fundraiser is over, but for now, HUGE thanks to:

Billy Hung
Dennis Chan
Ashley Thomas
Ashley pouryamini
Johanna Halsey
Renee Kimball
Otto Rihtaric
Marty Mason
Nickey Hardy
Jack and Abbie
Susan Robertson
Sharon K Dunivin
Maria Norbeck
Stephen Thomas
Ryan Treat
And 3 anonymous donors!

Thanks a ton guys! I promise I'll do what I can to represent and keep up the fight!

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