Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interview with Me

My friend John Weirick has a great interview with my he just put up on his website! I mostly talk about about my beliefs and my film making.

Check it out!

And be sure to take look at some of his other work while you wait for the first episode of
One Man's Terrorist to go live tonight! Good stuff!


  1. As one of the real life home grown insurgents on the Ca/Or line I invite you to our PATCOM on April 20-22.In Siskiyou Co. Ca.A meet and greet for patriots.
    Best Regards,
    Bill Fletcher

  2. What exactly is PATCOM? I'll definitely see about making it, it sounds interesting. I grew up in Seiad Valley so Siskiyou county is my stomping grounds. Will this be in Yreka?