Monday, February 27, 2012

Stossel Responds to my Clip

I'm certainly glad I'm not the only one who remembers booing, because this video throws me off a bit. I'm definitely still right though that people did NOT applaud Bolton's answer. If anything the smattering of applause are for me trying to rebut Bolton or just people doing the typical clap

What you still don't see is the people in the back corner of the room where my seat was hugging me and shaking my hand and telling me Bolton can go, "Go F*** himself" as I'm on my way to my seat. Between that and the fact that I was practically seeing red listening to Bolton, I guess that is what is coloring my memory of the event. Still, pretty manipulative editing by Fox to make it look like that answer got applause.

I know a couple people who have personally told me that they booed, though, so I'm not going completely crazy.

Here's the full write up:


  1. Hey man, just wanted to say that I'm sorry I came to this after the fact, but as someone who used to do some studio work and had a flair for video editing, I know how this worked out.

    Easy-peasy. They clipped out your rebuttal and dismissal by the moderator, and then kicked it back on when the audience applauded to show respect for your service (and I personally feel, respect to your guts for standing up to John Bolton and giving him a hardball question).

    In other words... Fox used editing sleight-of-hand to steal your applause for John Bolton as far as the TV viewer was concerned. There's a 15-second interval called "the loop" between what is actual live feed and what goes on the air. This is how they bleep out cuss words and such on live events.

    If you're fast, you can pull a clip like that on the fly... and Fox has teams of guys working the feed to make multiple cameras work.

    I dunno if they used any audio tricks on the clip they released of the "unedited" feed... but it's theoretically possible to modify audio to "hush" boos. Might be worth a look if you can convince a forensic audio tech who has a low opinion of John Bolton and the neocons in general.

    It's worth remembering that the parent company of Fox News had an intelligence arm capable of hacking the phones and personal BS of many of Britain's most famous and powerful people, and then manipulated that data for political ends. When you start realizing that corporations are starting to rival governments in their intelligence gathering capacities, one wonders where the line will be drawn.

    My buddy Wayne might be worth following; he's over at People that work for your former employers get in trouble if they're caught reading Wayne's blog... but he regularly scoops the MSM and apparently a lot of international intelligence sources trust his opinions on a lot of matters. He's in the habit of pissing TPTB off, and I'm all for that.

    FYI, I've given you an introduction of sorts on the off-topic chat threads where some of the site regulars keep up. There's a small subscription fee, but Wayne only does that to maintain the site. Well, that and certain MSM would steal his articles and basically run verbatim with them without having to at least pay for them somehow.

    Best wishes!

  2. @Bucking,

    >A video and explanation for the edit can be found at the below link, and the explanation is at least plausible.

    Stossel's defense appears deceptive. Aired footage contains clips not included in "the full, unedited version of the question and answer between Bolton and that student". Critically: an apparently fraudulent Bolton close up at the end.

    Stossel's use of "the" and "full" suggest a single version which contains all footage used. This claim makes JS a liar or incompetent.