Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Man's Terrorist: Episode 3

Here is the third and final episode of One Man's Terrorist. Hopefully it makes you think.


  1. You've done what I wanted to, but never have. Great job sir. If you're ever in WA, hit me up and we can meet at Coffee Strong. :)

  2. Powerful stuff, dude. Hopefully we'll be able to do this through the democratic process, considering that the economy is a ticking clock anyway now. Unfortunately, I think that's exactly the point as far as certain folks are concerned. This all comes down to debt based currency and central control when it comes down to it. I really wish humanity could see how stupid we're all being right now and wake the eff up.

    In the long run, I think that this kind of stuff is what's gonna get us out of this whole mess:

    They have some pretty neat stuff going on; I think the two most instructional videos as far as what they're about are these two, though: the global village construction kit and the house building update. Sorry for posting up all these weird links on your stuff and all, but I figured you might dig some of these resources.

    I believe there's a lot of hope out there, dude. I also am thankful for men like you who are A) willing to put their asses on the line for our country, B) smart enough to understand what is going on, and C) brave enough to stand up to anyone to tell the truth as they see it (no matter how much pressure they may be under not to do so), because of the strength of their character.

    I have long been a person who has gauged the depths of the negative side of human nature. War, torture, slavery, oppression... these things continue, sometimes cleverly hidden, other times, they don't bother. But what I've only started to realize recently is our boundless compassion for each other as well.

    I've seen it on the streets since #OWS hit the scene. I heard it in Elizabeth Warren's bark back at the uber-capitalists who are socializing their risks and privatizing their profits (wish I could gamble for free with other people's money, keep the winnings, and pass off the losses amongst all of my neighbors). We love someone who can make a better mousetrap: we will beat a path to their door. But these bastards have built a mousetrap out of funny money... and we're the mice. So that's what we're all up against.

    Just letting you know what we're up against, but also, what amazing support there is out there. In the end, all we've got is each other. If you're ever in DC again, I live just outside the city in PG County, that place where Simba is never to go. Have Jeep, can travel.

  3. My boy Silv watched the video and said that it's strikingly similar to what he experienced in Serbia/Bosnia when he was working as a refugee aid worker. Being a native Bosnian that people would talk to out there, he had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

    He says that in most cases, UN plays R2P "Good Cop" to NATO's "Bad Cop". UN mostly shepherds convoys and such, not much good in combat per him. He also laid out a formula for how it destabilizes.

    First there's the demonstrations etc... and the crackdowns. Violence is provoked or otherwise started to cause a pretext for more, and the feds get involved and out of hand. Local police forces, military vets and others form militias for self-defense when it gets out of hand, and then it all breaks down.

    I don't think I'm overstepping myself when I share his last few paragraphs on his response to your video here. Enjoy, Silvija, by way of Tar.

    "There is an important strategic lesson zios learned in the Balkans - they infiltrated the federal army and got it to attack its own people but this proved so unreliable that they lost the first battle in Slovenia - the army simply did not want to kill its own civilians and mass-defected instead of shooting them and went AWOL on shoot-to-kill-civilians orders. I noticed that while they copy this recipe in other countries, they never again tried to take the country's whole military and get it to attack its people and find others to do it - right now, the "Free Syrian Army" which is a zionist impostor is killing civilians - safer that way for zios because the imported impostor will be less reluctant to kill civilians than domestic military. Lessons zios learned from the Balkans.

    And I believe that is why the US has this big contract with Canada for NORTHCOM to exchange soldiers in case of crisis - the plan, I believe, is when SHTF is to get Canada to send troops against US civilians because of exactly this fear that Americans will refuse to execute orders against own civilians at home - and they will import somebody again to do it. Like they did in Libya, Syria where they imported the killers. They learned this the hard way in the Balkans and had to completely restructure the military and attack on civilians in the middle of it as they were losing control in the Balkans.

    The UN is not a combat force. They are lightly armed only and poorly trained for combat, no special tactical training. They are supply/logistics units, human refugee herders, noncombatant babysitters of the battlefields. That is the only small error - but the rest of the videos is really what it looks like on the ground. Life was that bizarre. Good decent families sitting at the dinner table discussing how they will rob a UN convoy like you see there. I saw it many times. It is hard to explain but seeing it in this vid and that the bizarre events actually make sense brings it home to people, I believe."

  4. Thank you David.

    I am doing another editorial at (see my most recent here:

    I would like to embed this clip and the Stossel clip in the next piece. I wanted to give you the notice. Thanks again.